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16 February 2020

Our new system is now live! 

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Throughout the year, we will be making it easier for you to access your RLSS UK qualifications, courses, resources and membership details, as we migrate into our new online management system, tahdah.

To make sure that you have time to get used to the new system, before you want to use it to manage or book on to your courses, we’ll firstly send you access to set-up your account so you can explore how it works. Then, we’ll add the course management system so that you can also create and book onto any of our courses.

There will be a dedicated support team ready to help on ‘phone, email and instant messenger, just in case you have any questions.

Phase 1 (Login and set up your account)

Week commencing 24 February 2020

All current RLSS UK members, Trainers, Instructors and qualification holders, will receive an email invite to access the new system and update their account details.

All users will be able to:

  • Log in and create or update your current RLSS UK account
  • Update your personal details
  • State which organisation you are linked to (Club or ATC)
  • See your qualification history
  • Become an RLSS UK Member
  • Become familiar with the system

All members will be able to:

  • View your membership type
  • View your membership benefits
  • View your payment options
  • Set up Direct Debits

ATC/Ps Co-ordinators will be able to:

  • Check and edit your ATC/P details
  • Allocate user levels and roles to your staff
  • Invite people to link as ‘staff’ at your centres
  • View all historic courses and candidates 

This is a great opportunity to fully set-up your account before you need to run courses through the system. MyPortal users will be able to continue to use MyPortal during this Phase 1 week. MyPortal will be switched off as the Course Management features are switched on (Phase 2 below).

Branches will be able to:

  • Allocate user levels and roles within your Branch (e.g. Branch Chair, Admin etc)
  • View information about qualifications delivered within your Branch
  • View Members within your Branch 

New ATC/Ps and new Clubs will be able to:

  • Apply to become a newly affiliated club and pay membership
  • Apply to become an Approved Training Centre/Provider and pay the fee

Phase 2 (Course Management)


Phase 2 of the roll-out of the new system will mainly benefit you if you are a Trainer, Club, or ATC/P delivering our awards and qualifications. As soon as we launch the Course Management System, you will be able to manage your courses from start to finish in tahdah.

Trainers, Instructors and ATCs will be able to:

  • Create courses, add candidates and submit results for certification
  • Order course resources, download question papers and upload results
  • Use a fully digital system for to replace question papers*
  • Advertise courses on the new course finder

(Where required, the system will request RLSS UK compliance checks are in place, before certification is issued.)

Candidates will be able to:

  • View and directly book onto courses that are advertised in the new Course Finder
  • View and download certificates that have been created since the launch of tahdah

Clubs will be able to:

  • Check and edit all your Club details
  • Allocate ‘user levels’ to your volunteers
  • Invite people to join as ‘members’ of the Club
  • View historic courses and candidates
  • Communicate with Club Members*
  • Create and promote events, such as Club AGMs*

Branches will be able to:

  • Communicate with Branch Members*
  • Manage your Honours nomination process*
  • Create and promote events, such as Branch AGMs*

*These features will be introduced gradually following the initial launch.

Further information about the new services and the transition period

Using the new online system for courses
The new system will allow you to manage your courses online, from registering and advertising, through to submitting the results for certification. You will also be able to order your course resources (candidate packs) directly from tahdah. 

Whilst you get used to using your new tahdah account, the Trainer resources and updates will continue to be available, in your RLSS Direct account. Soon, these will also be available in your tahdah account, so that everything you need is in one place.

Course Finder
Whilst we transition to the new system, both the current and the new Course Finder (in tahdah) will be available, with simple signposting between the sites to make sure that everyone looking for a course, can find one.

There is no rush
If you would prefer a little more time to get used to the new online system before using it fully, you can continue to register courses on the current RLSS Direct Course Finder, purchase candidate packs from RLSS Direct (until 30 Jun) and send completed assessment forms to RLSS UK for certification (until 31 Dec).

There are a lot of advantages get started using the online system sooner rather than later, such as reducing your paperwork to almost nothing and your candidates getting their certification within hours, instead of weeks. So please remember that there is support on the ‘phone, email, and instant message, to help you to make the most of all the new services.

Please note: if you purchase candidate packs with paper assessment forms, you will not be able to submit for candidates certification online (you’ll have to post the forms to us). To use the online system to submit your candidates, you will need to purchase your candidate packs from within tahdah.

Extra support for you

To make sure that you are fully supported with any questions during the roll-out of tahdah, a dedicated support team has been trained,. Our support hours and the number ways you can get in touch, with us have been extended:

  • Phone and email support from 08:30-17:00
  • Instant messenger support from 08:30-21:00, with an automated Help Desk available 24 hours
  • New Smart Help Centre with answers to lots of FAQs and user guides to help you

Key dates for your diary

Week Commencing

24 February 2020

Phase 1 - Our new online system tahdah launches

Time to login and set-up and update your account


Phase 2- Course Management will launch

Replaces MyPortal and MyPage


Sunday 1st March will be the last date to submit data via MyPortal


Resources and updates will be available through tahdah

Replaces resources on the RLSS Direct website


RLSS Direct will no longer sell candidate packs with paper assessment forms

Packs will be available through tahdah

31 December 2020

RLSS UK will no longer receive paper assessment forms

From this date, all assessments will be submitted through tahdah


If you have a question about the system please refer to our Smart Help Centre.