Click the links below for easy-to-follow instructions for Clubs using their RLSS UK Account (powered by tahdah).

How to check and edit your club details 
How to create an account for a child 
**COMING SOON** How to pay club Membership 
How to add members to your club
How to add members to your club (bulk upload)
**COMING SOON** How to add child (under 13s) members to your club 
How to change the club role of individuals or remove individuals from your club
How to view the qualifications and awards for members 
**COMING SOON** How to check the status of Criminal Records Checks (Club Welfare (Officer(s) only)
How to advertise the club using Club Finder 
**COMING SOON** How to pay membership for club members 
**COMING SOON** How to set up to take online payments through the club
**COMING SOON** How to manage your email settings
**COMING SOON** How to manage your privacy settings

For more guides and tutorials on how to use a RLSS UK Account click here