With many pools currently going through the process of reopening, we are very aware that the early opportunities to provide activities to young people are in outdoor environments only.
At this time of year, you’ll know that the water is still very cold and that water levels will, in some areas, still be high, potentially increasing the risk to candidates. Whilst we urge extra caution, we do not want to discourage instructors and clubs from seizing the opportunity.

Open water sessions must be led and overseen by an RLSS UK qualified Trainer or Instructor, with the relevant endorsement for the qualification they are training or assessing.

To help instructors and clubs, we have made the Open Water Endorsement course available online for a small fee of just £7.50. The course has been updated and refreshed, with great interactive sections. Whether you are looking to add to your skills, support the teaching of an activity or refresh your knowledge, you can access the course via your tahdah account. You will find the module in the Awards & Training tab under Online Learning.

Please note this is not an update and does not affect the instructors that already hold OWE.