Statement regarding the easing of COVID-19 restrictions and the impact on training and assessing RLSS UK Qualifications and Awards

Friday 16 July 2021

Unfortunately, COVID-19 is still prevalent within the UK and Ireland, with cases and those affected by the virus increasing daily. Therefore, any revisions to our practices must be thoroughly conducted and carefully considered to ensure the safety of everyone.

This past week, three UK governments have announced some decisions or intentions to lift restrictions, mainly concerning social distancing and the wearing of face coverings. They also warned that extreme caution is absolutely vital and stressed that we must all take responsibility for tackling the rapidly spreading virus, including an expectation on companies to continue imposing anti-COVID-19 measures.

RLSS UK has worked closely with partners, experts, and advisors to consider our guidance and any changes that potentially could be made, given the imminent lifting of most legal pandemic restrictions in England.

All our training and assessment contains practical elements (all essential to developing necessary skills) where individuals are required to be in extremely close proximity, sometimes just inches from other’s faces; this presents a significant and concerning risk in the current climate.

Until such a time that the spread of COVID-19 is more controlled, we will ask our Trainer Assessors, Instructors, Tutors, Clubs, Training Providers, and Centres; to continue to follow the RLSS UK guidance for training and assessing during COVID-19, available here.

Please be reassured that this decision has not come lightly, and everyone’s safety has been paramount.

Where current guidance refers to social distancing, you will need to follow the measurement for social distancing provided by your government. Where your government dictates no distance, we strongly recommend you adopt 1 metre as a minimum.

We will continue to review this statement regularly, along with government information, COVID-19 transmission rates, and ongoing vaccination programme success. We hope in time to ease our guidance in a controlled and measured way.

We thank you for your understanding and for continuing to help protect our nations.