Surfers Against Sewage is widely recognised, as one of the UK’s leading marine conservation charities. 

Surfers Against Sewage deal with a wide spectrum of marine conservation issues from marine litter to climate change. Not just surfers – not just sewage. The reason why we are partnering with them is simple, we want to protect our oceans, beaches, waves and wildlife and our new strategic framework sets out this ambition…to work with others to be guardians of our water systems.

Surfers Against Sewage is a national marine conservation and campaigning charity that inspires, unites and empowers communities to take action to protect oceans, beaches, waves and wildlife.

They’re just like us – they love our oceans and, they’d like to see them better protected for the future for everyone. They’re a charity that is focused, on creating great community projects and campaigns that you can get involved with to do just this.

Surfers Against Sewage doesn’t describe exactly what they do anymore! Together, they’re much more than their name suggests. They’ve made great progress on cleaning up our beaches from sewage and, the cleanliness of our seas remains in the DNA of the organisation. But their new priority issue is marine plastic pollution. They work on other issues too – climate change, water quality, coastal development, but plastic pollution is huge and needs a lot of attention!

As lifeguards and lifesavers, their work is so important to us that the connection is obvious and strong. We are delighted to partner with them and support their campaigns.

Surfers Against Sewage website