Do you want to do something extraordinary? Help us to deliver water safety education by fundraising for RLSS UK!

Cambridge Half Marathon

We are delighted to announce that we are a gold bond charity for the Cambridge Half Marathon on Sunday 17 October 2021. This means we have five places for our fundraisers to participate in the run and raise money for our vital work. Your generosity 

will help future generations to enjoy water safely.

This scenic route takes in some of the most beautiful historic sites of Cambridge, passing countless historic landmarks including two iconic University of Cambridge colleges. Whether you’re a first timer or a fitness fanatic, this flat course is ideal for achieving your personal goals.

All we ask is you commit to raising a minimum sponsorship amount of £250 (excluding Gift Aid) to support us to deliver water safety education programmes.

For more information about the event click here.

If you would like to register interest in one of our five available places, please email [email protected]

Charity skydive 

RLSS UK has partnered with Go Skydive, Salisbury organisers of sponsored charity jumps. We will pay for your charity skydive in return for you raising a minimum amount of £500. By doing this, you get to jump for free!

Location: Go Skydive, Salisbury

We will provide a RLSS UK charity t-shirt and fundraising pack along with support, marketing and cheers on your success.

Booking is easy following these simple steps:

  • Book your place now via the dedicated RLSS UK Go Skydive webpage
  • Select the 'charity jump' option and enter the required details and the date you wish to jump

Due to Covid-19, our charity skydive days are on hold. Please get in contact with us for further information.

Need help? Email [email protected]

To donate towards the skydive click below!

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Success stories from some of our fundraisers

Fundraising from a Height

Megan Courtman
Friday 10 July 2020 - Go Skydive, Salisbury
Fundraising target - £400

'I've managed to raise £480 so far to help RLSS UK continue running courses such as pool and open water lifeguard qualifications and to continue promoting and teaching water safety!

I am super excited to complete this skydive, raising money for a great cause and ticking this off the top of my bucket list!'

Megan Courtman, Qualified Lifeguard

2.6 Challenge Hero

Pete and Hazel Moyes
Raised £371.20 plus 85.30 gift aid (£456.50 in total in 7 days)

In a moment of isolation madness my Wife, Hazel and I, thought we may be able to run a bit and help RLSS UK. We know that all charities are struggling to cope with the difficult circumstances we face together. We both believe now, more than ever, it is important that young people are able to get help with making safer choices and that people enjoy water safely. Our chosen charity is at the heart of these issues and we need RLSS UK to continue doing their good work for another 125 years.

We ran 26.2 miles between us in three-mile stints over two days (we had not done any training for this hence the relay).

Maya our dog, joined us for a three mile run each day in place of her normal walk. We then did all the other running on the treadmill in the safety of our home and finished with a 1.2 mile run altogether on the anniversary of the 40th London Marathon. 

'We both believe now, more than ever, It is important that young people are able to get help with taking safer choices and that people enjoy water safely' Pete Moyes

2.6 Fundraising Champion

Martin Gooderson
Raised £600, with £95 additional gift aid via the JustGiving platform

I have held an NPLQ for many many years now so I have been aware of RLSS UK and what they are about for a while. It wasn't until I became a TA that I actually started to realise how far RLSS UK extends out into the community and how much they do to save countless lives each year. They work tirelessly to ensure people get the right training and qualifications. They develop and evolve qualifications to enable lifesavers to be the best they can and from personal experience, they are always friendly and happy to help. During this time, although staff are having to be furloughed, they have worked hard to put together training packages for lifeguards to complete and keep up to date while they are away from the business. They have developed ways to teach courses remotely and keep in touch with TA's to help us along the way as well. On top of all this, half the money they are raising is being donated to the amazing NHS to help what they are doing to keep us all safe and well in this uncertain time. What a great Charity!

I decided that we needed to do something that was a challenge, as most of us are not big runners, we decided to do the 26.2 in the way of a run, but split into 5k segments. 9 of us from SEARLES ran a 5k segment (individually as our daily exercise) to reach the target, we recorded it along with pictures of their runs and a selfie.

We promoted what we were doing via social media and the SEARLES website.

'It wasn't until I became a TA that I actually started to realise how far RLSS UK extends out into the community and how much they do to save countless lives each year' Martin Gooderson

Find a fundraising challenge to suit you

RLSS UK has teamed up with Discover Adventure to make raising money for us easier as well as fundraisers succeeding in some exciting challenges! To book your next adventure and fundraise for RLSS UK visit Discover Adventure`s website.

Make sure you visit our fundraising resources page or email [email protected] for help with your fundraising activities and gain access to our great fundraising resources.