A Task and Finish Group (TAFG) was set up as directed by Board and includes representatives from Branches, Clubs, our wider membership, and 2 Ambassadors. On behalf of the Board, I would wish to extend my thanks to Kelsea Murray, James Cossons, Jill Bailey, David Browne, Stephanie Andrews, Jo Ward, Geoff Lyon, Geoff Wade, Gillian Wilkinson, and Rob Jones and to trustees Maggie Bradley and Richard Rickwood. These members volunteered to be part of the TAFG, and have given their time to planning the surveys and engaging with other individual and club members over the past two months.

Two surveys were carried out. One was for our branch officials, the other with a wider reach, open to anyone involved with RLSS UK and Ireland. In addition, 1 to 1 telephone follow-ups were undertaken with a sample of 13 Branches by an independent researcher. We are delighted to have received over 700 survey responses representing all home nations, every membership category, and club members. Branch officials representing 75% of our branches took the opportunity to have their say too. A big thanks must go to all those that have participated in this consultation to date.

The hard work starts now, as the TAFG analyse the responses, look for key themes, and put together recommendations for the Board. An executive summary of the consultations will be published in a future edition of the Lifesaver magazine.

As we are a member-led organisation the TAFG and the Board will consider whether any matters need more investigation and then use the insight gained from our members through this consultation to determine how we will build a sustainable, active, and thriving community fit for purpose to deliver the new Strategic Framework and add value to our growing relationships.

Thank you again for taking part, we will come back to you in 2021 with outcomes.

Cavell Burchell,
Trustee & Chair TAFG