With dad, Clive, working as the Lifeboat Operations Manager for Port Talbot, it is no real surprise his 17-year-old surfer son Jo Morris, knew what to do in an emergency.

The action unfolded after Jo arrived on the beach to see if he could surf on a day when conditions were later described as being “horrendous”. Having given up on the idea of surfing, Jo took a walk on the pier when he spotted three people in trouble in the water.

Being a fully trained lifeguard, Jo was quick to understand that they were caught in a rip current and needed help. As an experienced surfer to boot, Jo carefully navigated his board out to the struggling trio. One member of the trio had been able to reach the pier and climb out so Jo turned his attention to the two remaining in the water. He threw his board leash out to one, whilst a passer-by, who had also noticed the trouble, had thrown a body board to the final person. It took Jo a further 20 minutes to bring the two people to safety, during which time the lifeboat had been called but thankfully, everyone was already safe and sound.

For his dramatic and successful rescue of two people in the water at Aberavon Beach, Jo has been awarded RLSS UK’s Certificate of Meritorious Action in a ceremony well-attended by Doug Thomas, RLSS UK’s Ambassador for Wales, Jo’s dad Clive Morris, Jo’s girlfriend Teigan Jenkins, Stuart Yeandle, Branch Chair of RLSS UK West Wales and Mayor of Port Talbot, Scott Jones.

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