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Established more than 130 years ago, RLSS UK is recognised worldwide as an expert in lifeguarding and water safety. 

Every year we certify more than 60,000 regulated qualifications and non-regulated vocational training awards, and more lifeguards qualify with us than with any other awarding body! Why? Because we're at the cutting edge of water safety, lifesaving, lifeguarding, and life support skills. We rigorously review our qualifications, and we sit on many industry panels to evolve and develop national safety standards. We are also at the forefront of supporting companies to manufacture and distribute innovative and compliant lifesaving equipment, and the RLSS UK Shop offers official uniform and training, First Aid, and safety equipment for the leisure industry.

We work with an impressive list of national leisure providers and partners - ranging from hotels, spas, and competition pools to leisure centres and aqua parks. We develop bespoke training services for many sectors - including the cruise and holiday industries and are experts at delivering clear and practical consultancy support to any business or individual with liabilities to visitors and staff around water, including events, construction, and outdoor recreation.

Our trusted brand gives peace of mind to businesses and the millions of customers who access the facilities we support.

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Why a floating Wibit playground is the perfect water sports activity – and business model.

Something for everyone 

Wibit is a playground on the water for everybody. Even adults feel like a child again on these colorful and fun obstacle courses. Running, climbing, swinging, sliding - different modules with various play functions test the athletic skills of their conquerors between 6 and 66 years. Smiles and unique memories are guaranteed!

A fun business 

Wibit has a huge magnet factor for an enormously large target group. Whether it´s spontaneous tourists or returning locals, people of all ages and cultures love the healthy, sporty, and fun activity on the water.

For the operator, there is no better working environment than a beach or lake and nothing more gratifying than making people happy with quality time in a safe environment. And those are just some of the soft benefits.

Here come the hard facts:

Wibit has a very attractive ROI. Most of the customers pay off their Sports Parks within the first season. It is an easy business to start. Let Wibit teach you how to run your Sports Park based on their long and global experience. You will be successful right from the start and need to expand soon which is super easy with the modular products.

Contact Wibit today to get a quote and join the fun!

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