It started out as an ordinary Wednesday for lifeguards Henry Horton and Samuel Jackson; the regular customers were enjoying their swim session in the pool until Samuel noticed a gentleman in distress in the water. Wasting no time he raised the alarm and headed straight over to the gentleman to help get him out of the water with the assistance of Henry, Peter and Dilly who also raced to the scene to help and reassure other swimmers; until the paramedics arrived.

Thanks to the training and quick reactions of the team, it was quickly identified that the swimmer was suffering a cardiac episode and Henry performed rescue breaths and chest compressions until the defibrillator could be applied. The gentleman went on to make a full recovery.

RLSS UK's Head of Membership (Andrea Mackown) and Regional Engagement Manager (Nial Elliott) were already in Jersey for RLSS UK business. Therefore, they both joined RLSS UK Ambassador for the South (Jill Bailey) to present 'Certificates of Meritorious Action' to Samuel and Henry, and a 'Certificate of Recognition' to Dilly. Peter received his 'Certificate of Meritorious Action' at a later date.

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