Newfs in Action is a Newfoundland dog club formed to enable the breed to take part in activities that they were originally bred for. With their thick double layer coats to protect them from the elements and their semi-webbed feet to enable them to swim, the dogs make fantastic water rescue dogs.

The club has been promoting water safety messages and supporting the Royal Life Saving Society UK for over ten years. The dogs work through stages of bronze, silver and gold awards with their owners so they can perform rescues and work to educate members of the public about water safety.

In January 2023, one of the dogs, Bandit, had his skills called upon when his owner, and Newfs in Action Chairman, Philip Payne was out walking the dogs. Philip and partner Cheryl were walking Bandit and his sister Miss Dior on a cold winters day when Philip slipped on the icy mud and started heading down the bank towards a nearby lake which was partly frozen.

Bandit, who is just two years of age, jumped into action and managed to get on the flat surface, stand still and stop Philip from sliding into the lake. He then stood still whilst Philip used Bandit’s lead to get back up and steady himself.

As a young water dog, Bandit could have got very excited about the situation and the prospect of going in the water, however, he showed his rescue training has worked and prevented his owner from entering the freezing lake and getting into potential danger.

Bandit was awarded a certificate from RLSS UK for the rescue.

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