John Stevenson was taking part in the senior swim session when he suffered a heart attack. Tom Monger (Duty Manager) raised the alarm and rescued John from the pool carrying out rescue breathes in the water whilst awaiting assistance. After assistance arrived, Tom along with Nicola Searle (Duty Manager) and Gareth Lewis (Duty Manager) carried out CPR and prepared the defibrillator. Nicky Cook (Health and Safety Officer) contacted and liaised with the ambulance service. John was successfully resuscitated before the ambulance arrived on the scene.

John spent one month in hospital and made very good progress. His wife and the medical staff of South Central ambulance praised the swift action and professionalism of the staff, saying that if John had suffered the heart attack at home he likely would not have survived. The quick response and actions of the staff undoubtedly saved John’s life.

The four members of staff were awarded with the prestigious Royal lifesaving Society’s UK Meritorious Lifeguard Award. This presentation took place at Basingstoke Sports Centre with our very own Jo Talbot presenting the awards to the team. John, his wife Penny and daughter Sarah were also there to see the staff receive their awards.

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