Emma Serventi is one of RLSS UK’s Make a Splash Ambassadors and she recently spoke to us about why fundraising for RLSS UK is such a great thing to do. Hear from Emma below:

“With so many charities out there doing incredible work to help those who need it, it can be difficult to know who to support. Maybe a charity means more to you due to your own personal experiences, or perhaps you just feel very strongly about those they are helping. For me, it was a no brainer. The Royal Life Saving Society UK (RLSS UK) believes that no child should drown. They provide expert lifesaving education in the UK and Ireland, protecting families from the sudden and devastating impact of drowning. The work RLSS UK carry out is vital in every city, town, community, and home and that’s why when I was asked to be Ambassador for the RLSS UK Make a Splash campaign, I saw this as a great opportunity, to not only raise awareness of all the things the RLSS UK do, but also use raise awareness of our club.

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Your help makes a difference

When you choose to give to RLSS UK, you’re helping to make a real difference. Your donation enables the charity to share expertise and knowledge with as many people as possible, giving everyone the potential to save lives and enjoy water safely.

Every donation makes an impact

No matter how much you can afford to give, as a one-off donation, through regular giving, or by fundraising, your gift matters (and with most people selecting to add Gift Aid, I'm amazed how quickly I reach my target when fundraising). Every donation received adds up and helps RLSS UK deliver water safety education. Remember, you don’t need to give a lot to make a meaningful difference both in your own life and to support this work. Any amount you can give makes a difference to help save lives.  

The wider impact of fundraising

Though fundraising is important in a financial sense, it also helps to support RLSS UK in other ways. Fundraising means that the charity is able to share their message with the wider community, helping to raise awareness about water safety to the public, as well as increasing support. When I was asked to be Ambassador for the RLSS UK Make a Splash campaign, I saw this as a great opportunity, to not only raise awareness of all the things the RLSS UK do, but also use raise awareness of my club; Nantwich Neptune Lifesaving Club.

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Get involved with RLSS UK!

There are lots of great ways to get involved with this great charity through fundraising, and they can all have brilliant personal benefits to you, including:

  • Achieving a personal goal
  • Learning a new skill
  • Making social connections
  • Boosting your mood!

Find out about RLSS UK`s fundraising events where, like me, you can get involved in making a difference. They have a fantastic range of fundraising activities for you to choose from. Remember, fundraising need not be a huge undertaking – you can dedicate as much or as little time as you feel comfortable.

How I have fundraised

As a Make a Splash Ambassador I have been raising money for RLSS UK whilst taking on the swimming challenge. To raise money, I had to think a little bit outside the box. People don't tend to sponsor you unless you are online, so I used the RLSS UK webpage link for donations. I sent the link out to as many people as I could, including work colleagues, family and friends. I also sold cakes at our club competition, and have just sold vegetables from our garden when we were over run with beans and giant courgettes! Every penny counts, and with most people selecting to add gift aid, I was amazed how quickly I exceeded my target.

I would recommend doing small, focused events to help you raise money, and don't feel too disappointed if just asking for sponsorship isn't very successful. Make the cause personal to you, give people a reason to donate, tell them a story that tugs at their heart strings! People are more likely to click on a link when you cause them to laugh, or feel happy, sad or scared.

Being part of the charity is like being part of a huge lifesaving family. All charities are finding times tough at the moment, and even if I can only make a small amount of difference by raising a few hundred pounds, raising awareness helps to build the lifesaving community and attracts other people to join the cause. This can mean so much more to a charity than just the money your raise.

Why not join in with the 'Make a Splash' challenge. As you support RLSS UK through gaining sponsors, your brain will secrete ‘feel good’ chemicals such as serotonin, dopamine and oxytocin. We all need something to smile about, so get out there and enjoy the water safely with your family and friends!”

View Emma's fundraising page

Fundraise for RLSS UK

If you’d like to get in touch with RLSS UK to find out more about our fundraising opportunities, or if you have an idea about developing a fundraising opportunity with us, please contact us at [email protected].

Make a difference today by donating what you can and supporting the charity that continuously working to save lives.