Let’s use our history to shape our inclusive future.

Our 125+ year history makes us strong and proud – let’s use this to our advantage and build upon our strong foundations to develop our charity and increase our visibility and recognition in UK and Ireland. 

My vision is to: 

  • Create a fully inclusive and accessible society which engages current members/volunteers whilst encouraging new members, to help us prevent drowning and learn vital skills that can help save lives. 
  • Encourage participation from all areas of the Society to extend our reach where we don’t have a footprint. 
  • Ensure that Lifesaving Sport continues to grow and is supported across the whole society.
  • Develop our campaigns so we deliver them more widely.
  • Use our membership’s expertise, so we can support the staff team to further enhance our national profile.
  • Have the right qualified expert staff who use our volunteers to help lead and drive our dynamic organisation with passion, enthusiasm and strength. 
  • Ensure our pool lifeguard qualifications remain the industry ‘gold standard’ and recognised worldwide. 
  • Explore new ideas/concepts so we lead the way in lifeguarding/lifesaving awards and qualifications. 
  • Make sure all participants and lifeguards are exposed more widely to RLSS UK and its work to encourage them to become advocates for the charity. 
  • Fully engage our members, whether, volunteers, officials/competitors and / or trainers in our aims and objectives and ensure they are at the heart of our decision-making process.
  • Encourage the recruitment of new volunteers through local ownership of activities so they can help deliver our charitable aims. 
  • Be the “go to” organisation, so, everyone can safely enjoy being in, on and near water.
  • Recognise and reward our volunteers/members and those who deliver our messages going above and beyond.
  • Educate everyone to enjoy water safely. 

As a trustee and Deputy President I will work with our President, members, volunteers, committed staff and fellow trustees to take us forward into the next chapter with success! 

Wouldn’t it be great that the Royal Life Saving Society UK can become one day be a household name. Together I am confident that by moving into new sectors within our communities and creating partnerships would allow us to educate more people about RLSS UK and our objectives. 

Bryan Finlay, RLSS UK Deputy President 

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