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Risk Assessment – starting from scratch or helping you review your current assessment, our team can help you to review operations/activities to mitigate risk and deliver cost effective controls.

Training, Capability and Qualifications – identifying which training is most suitable to your needs and linking you with the most appropriate trainers.

Operational Planning – auditing your Normal Operating Procedures and Emergency Action Plans (Safe Systems of Work) to identify potential gaps and see where improvements can be made. Working with your site and your team, to develop systems that complement operational needs.

Signage - surveying your site to assess whether signage is necessary, if your current signage is up to date and appropriate for the situation and making recommendations for improvements as required.

Public Rescue Equipment (PRE) – helping you to identify the most appropriate installations, inspecting current arrangements and making recommendations for improvements as required.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) – using current safety standards to advise on the best site and situation-specific PPE.

Audit – appraising current paperwork, signage, equipment and systems - making recommendations if necessary.

Integrated Water Safety Plan – a fully comprehensive strategy for water safety, including recommendations for current and future safety improvements.

Advice – if you have any questions about your site and your responsibilities, what is reasonable and appropriate, relevant legislation and regulation, our team will be happy to help.

Event Safety – we can help you plan water safety for your event and also able to provide a cost effective team for events and festivals.

Mystery Visit – reviewing operational systems and controls before visiting site incognito, to ensure that systems are being adhered to, with a comprehensive, unbiased report compiled.

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