The RLSS UK have Andy Hargreaves to thank for alerting us to the presence of mind and speedy reactions of swim teacher, Debbie Knight.

It was Andy’s son who was in the pool that day, along with many other children, enjoying their usual Saturday morning lessons when an inflatable boom, used to cordon off the swimming area for one group, had come loose. Consequently, one young swimmer had strayed and found herself out of her depth when she tried to stand up. Debbie quickly identified that the youngster was starting to panic and sounded the alarm. As other teachers cleared the pool and raced to help, Debbie wasted no time in entering the water and bring the child to safety.

It is a testament to Debbie’s skills as a teacher; and rapport with her young swimmers, that the girl felt confident enough to re-join her classmates for the remainder of the lesson.

Debbie was awarded RLSS UK’s Certificate of Meritorious Action for Lifeguards by Leigh Leisure Centre’s Aquatics Development Manager, Rebecca Mazey and Duty Manager, Greg Hardman.

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