Eloise (Ellie) Dickerson Weedy, Isadore (Issy) Dickerson Weedy and Jacob Screeton were on holiday in Turkey in June 2022 when their lifesaving skills were called upon.

Ellie and Issy are both pool and beach lifeguards as well as lifesaving Trainer Assessors and members of Blyth Lifeguard and Swimming Club. Jacob is also a pool and beach lifeguard and a member of both Ripley Rascals Swimming Club and Blyth Lifeguard and Swimming Club.

They were all enjoying a day by the pool when a sudden gust of wind blew a baby in a pushchair into the pool and as the baby was strapped in, she was at risk of drowning.

Leaping into action Ellie, Issy and Jacob dived straight in and Jacob was able to get the pushchair out of the pool with the help of another person. Ellie and Issy then checked the baby to see if she was crying and breathing while unclipping her.

The baby, who was under two years of age, was then taken to hospital to be monitored, and thanks to the quick thinking of Ellie, Issy and Jacob she was able to recover well allowing the baby and her family to enjoy the remainder of their holiday.

This was not the first rescue performed by Issy whilst on holiday as she spotted a small child come down a slide in a rubber ring who ended up upside down at the bottom of the slide; Issy was able to ensure the child got out safely.

The Royal Life Saving Society UK acknowledged the rescue and awarded Ellie, Issy and Jacob with certificates for their rescue efforts, congratulations to you all.

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