Help us raise vital funds to reduce the impact of COVID-19

Could you go even further through your challenge and raise £1 for every mile you complete? Can't raise £1 for every mile, don't worry, any money you can raise could be a crucial lifeline to a local community.

COVID-19 has produced a concerning gap in water safety and swimming provision across the UK and Ireland. What we are facing is two academic years that have not had access to school swimming and water safety, with many more not having access to regular aquatic opportunities. We are yet to see the impact of this gap and our concern is, that it will have an impact on the number of people drowning both in pools and in open water.

The 'Ready For Action' challenge will help us to raise the funds to expedite solutions and close this gap.

Every year across the UK and Ireland, over 50,000 children are trained in lifesaving awards. These awards contribute to helping the UK and Ireland enjoy water safely, adding valuable learning to statutory and non-statutory school swimming programmes.

In addition, lifesaving clubs, training and awards significantly contribute to UK and Irish lifeguarding, as water safety training provides the core of the workforce that keeps beaches, pools and open water safe.

Our data currently suggests that close to 50 per cent of affiliated lifesaving clubs, a key delivery model into communities, are struggling with the pandemic and could face permanent closure or long term damage.

These vital funds will help us to get clubs and children back into the pool.

What will the money be used for?

100 per cent of all funding will be directed to recover the local infrastructure that contributes to enhancing communities, so everyone can enjoy being in, on or near water.

  • Give a lifesaving group a chance to get back on their feet

    25 per cent of all money raised will provide a COVID Recovery Fund for registered lifesaving groups. Lifesaving clubs provide an essential community service. This will support them with the help they need to get back on their feet.
  • Fill the gap 

    50 per cent of all money raised will be used to give groups the funding to fill the gap. To get young people in the community, in the pool who, because of COVID-19, have not been able to access water safety education.
  • Give young people a chance at employability

    25 per cent of all money raised will provide Lifeguard Bursaries. We will provide grants to young people to access the training they need, to support them into a lifeguard job.

Start fundraising

What if I want to raise funds directly for your club or group? 

We are encouraging everybody who has decided to fundraise as part of their challenge to think about the distribution of funds to all groups affected by the pandemic. 100 per cent of the funds will be redirected.

If you would prefer to use the challenge to raise funds for your own group then that is ok too. Make sure you are clear in your promotion so that donors understand who you are raising money for.