Jack Fletcher, a member of Salisbury Life Saving Club and Stanswood Beach Rescue unit, has recently been awarded an RLSS UK Young Persons Certificate of Commendation. 

Jack put his lifesaving, lifeguarding and first aid skills into good practice when a neighbour had a nasty fall whilst walking her dog. In proud mum Karen’s words: “He was utterly amazing. He immediately put her into a recovery position. He was totally calm and very professional. I am in total awe of his behaviour, he was a superstar. His actions are all down to the fantastic first aid training he’s learned with Salisbury Life Saving Club.”

Jack, who had just had his 16th birthday, was first on the scene and immediately took control of the situation. He spoke three times to the emergency services on a 999 call (giving them clear and concise information), whilst he got his mum to support the lady physically and keep her calm. He gave instructions to neighbours who had gathered to help, by getting them to find umbrellas to shade her from the full sun and getting someone else to restrain her distressed dog.

His neighbour was taken to hospital with suspected concussion, a nasty cut to her jaw needing stitches, suspected broken ribs and difficulty breathing.

Jack has completed Survive & Save Bronze and Silver Medallions, as well as the Bronze and Silver Beach awards and is working towards the Gold awards. He is also part-way through his NPLQ via distanced learning and the NPLQ online training modules which he has been doing during lockdown, as well as NVBLQ training with Salisbury Life Saving Club and Stanswood Beach Rescue unit.


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