On the 26 June 2022, lifeguard Alex Brown had to put all of his lifeguard training into action when a four-month-old baby started to choke in the small pool at the Louisa centre, Stanley in Durham.

The baby went under the water momentarily and then experienced difficulty breathing. Alex reacted immediately, the baby’s mother gave him the baby so he could first-aid.

Alex performed back blows on the baby to obtain a clear airway and advised the baby’s mother to take the baby to hospital to be checked over.

Alex stated that "instinct took over and the hours of staff training came to me. I often wondered how I would react in an emergency and I'm happy to say that I reacted quickly followed my training with a positive result. I was just glad the baby, Mam and Dad were OK."

Management at the Louisa Centre commented that ‘Alex is an all-round excellent member of staff whose work is of the highest standards regardless of the work he is undertaking. He is an asset to the facility.’

Sharron Taylor Durham County Council Training Coordinator said: “It is great to hear of these positive rescues and it was all down to Alex’s quick thinking and the high level of training he receives monthly. Alex has only been a lifeguard at the Louisa centre since April 2022 and is proving to be a capable member of staff.”

The Royal Life Saving Society UK has congratulated Alex and awarded him with a Certificate of Meritorious Action For Lifeguards, congratulations Alex.

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