Six lifeguards at Oswestry Leisure Centre were called into action midday on Sunday 6 February as a man was in difficulty in the water.

The RLSS UK NPLQ Lifeguards were on duty when a 48-year-old man became unconscious in the main pool at the leisure centre whilst swimming with his family.

After spotting the man in the water, on-duty lifeguard Tim Bridgewood along with a swimmer had managed to get the man out of the pool and Tim started CPR. Stand-in Duty Officer that day, Phil Nixon, ran onto the pool from reception with the AED as Lifeguard Ashley Thirby-Roberts took over with CPR and Chloe Williams called the emergency services.

The AED analysed the man and gave instructions to shock so Phil carried out the instructions and over the next 20-30 minutes the man started to respond, initially with groans, then hand squeezes, and finally able to give his name and where he was from.

Chloe, with the help of Cooper Lock and Lauren Humphries, began removing spectators from the scene, and shortly after paramedics arrived to treat the man.

Thanks to the quick-thinking actions of Tim Bridgewood (25), Chloe Williams (25), Philip Nixon (61), Cooper Lock (17), Lauren Humphries (18), and Ashley Thirby-Roberts (18), the rescued man was breathing and talking as he was transferred to hospital where he is making a good recovery.

The team was also extremely grateful for the assistance of a doctor who was swimming at the time of the incident who was able to assist.

The lifeguards have been awarded the Certificate of Meritorious Lifeguards from RLSS UK for their actions.

Phil Nixon said, “I personally would like to thank my team on the day for their total professionalism.”

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