On 5 January 2023 New Mills Leisure Centre in High Peak started their new year with lifesaving actions.

NPLQ holders Andrew Lomas, Beth Hindle, and Jack Cooke were all working at the time when a member of the leisure centre Mike Needham, aged 60, required treatment. Mike was playing a 5-a-side game of football when he started to feel unwell and went outside to get some fresh air. Duty Manager Andrew asked Jack to check on Mike before he finished his shift for the day.

Jack noticed Mike in his van in the car park, he was slumped down and unresponsive, Jack opened the door and realised he was clutching his chest. Jack quickly called 999 and returned to the centre to get assistance.

Andrew immediately got the defib and went outside with the footballers and other staff, he then re-assessed Mike at the van and noticed straight away that Mike wasn't breathing normally. Mike was giving out a snoring sound and wasn't responsive. Andrew knew this was agonal breathing and shouted to get help getting Mike out of the Van. 

Andrew then started to give CPR to Mike and asked Beth Hindle, a newly qualified Lifeguard, to turn the defib on and apply the pads.

The defib analysed and a shock was advised. The shock was delivered by Beth and Andrew continued CPR for another two minutes.

The Defibrillator advised a second shock and this was effective in restarting Mike’s heart, and no further CPR was required. 

Paramedics arrived and Mike was sent to Wythenshawe Hospital where he received further treatment.

Doctors said the survival rate for the type of heart attack Mike suffered was 10%, they added if it wasn't for the prompt CPR that was administered by the staff from New Mills Leisure Centre then the outcome would have been different. 

Thanks to the training and actions of all three members of staff, Mike has made a full recovery and returned to the centre to thank staff.

New Mills LC CPR Staff and Mike

RLSS UK awarded Andrew, Beth and Jack with Meritorious Lifeguard certificates for their successful rescue efforts.

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