Published: 8 December 2021

Staff from bars and nightclubs in Manchester received training on Monday 6 December 2021 from the Manchester Water Safety Partnership as part of RLSS UK’s Don’t Drink and Drown campaign.  

The partnership included RLSS UK, Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue, Greater Manchester Police, Canal and River Trust and Manchester City Council.  

The area knows all too well the devastating impact of drowning as Charlie Pope, 19, drowned on a night out in Manchester in 2018 after going missing during a night out with his friends. 

Since Charlie’s death the city of Manchester has worked hard to educate people about water safety. Staff from the nightlife area of the city were given water rescue equipment training to ensure that if anyone does get into trouble on a night out and ends up in the water, they will know what to do to save a life.  

One staff member explained that they often see people near the waters edge whilst on a night out and they try to encourage people to move away from the edge to keep them safe. Aaron Wilson, General Manager of Bar Pop, spoke to BBC News and explained he has seen someone jump into the canal on a night out. Thankfully the person was OK as all of Aaron's door staff at the bar had received the training and knew how to use the grab pole and throw rope correctly to help the young person.  

Training such as this delivered by the Manchester Water Safety Partnership is vital for helping to ensure everyone can stay safe around water.  

For further information on the Don’t Drink and Drown campaign, visit the Don’t Drink and Drown webpage to download resources to help spread the word and help keep your friends and family safe.