Where a RLSS UK award or qualifications guidance document stipulates ID checks should be conducted this guidance document must be followed.

Candidate ID checks are an important part of enrolment and assessment procedures within most of RLSS UK’s qualifications and awards. The reason for this is to prevent fraud by ensuring the person is who they say they are. 

We have obligations placed on us as an awarding body to confirm a candidate’s identity. Due to this obligation placed on us, there is also an obligation placed on all those who deliver and assess RLSS UK Qualifications and Awards.

What is an acceptable form of ID?

An acceptable form of I.D. must include a photograph of the candidate. This can come in many ways which include:

  • Current UK or EEA Driving Licence.
  • Current signed Passport.
  • National Identity card with the photograph of the candidate.
  • Residence permit issued by the home office to EEA nationals on sight of their own country passport.

Where an individual works for the organisation or course organiser that is arranging the course, it is acceptable to conclude that the person’s identity has already been confirmed by the organisation during their employment checks as these are required by law. In this instance, if none of the above are available a staff I.D card containing a picture of the candidate and their name will be acceptable.

We are aware that not all candidates will have some of the above I.D. documents that contain a photograph of them. In this instance, the following I.D. documents can be accepted:

  • Original Birth Certificate.
  • Bank card.- Must display full name
  • Credit card – Must display full name
  • Marriage Certificate

The course organiser, trainer, and assessor should be confident that the person completing the award or qualification is who they say they are. 

What happens when a candidate identifies as someone else, or their name has changed?

The RLSS UK system allows candidates to set up their own accounts. This means that they can add a preferred name rather than their legal name. This may be a similar name, nickname, or a name that they wish to be identified by.

When course organisers, trainers, or assessors are identifying a candidate, the name of the candidate added to the course or assessment on the RLSS UK system should match or be similar to the I.D. of which the candidate is providing. Nicknames are not acceptable but alternative names with supportive evidence may be accepted.

RLSS UK and RLSS UK Qualifications are aware of the diverse community we operate in and understand that there may be cases where a person may wish to change their name and be identified as someone else. Whilst we support this, we do recognise the challenges that this may pose in identifying the candidate for the course or assessment they are about to complete. Therefore, in these instances we would require one of the following to be produced to update their record:

  • Deed Poll 


  • Statutory Declaration

Example 1 – A candidate’s legal name is Andrew Smith which is shown on the I.D. document they have provided. They have registered their account under the name Andy Smith. This would be acceptable as Andy is a shortened version of Andrew.

Example 2 – A candidate’s legal name William Jones which is shown on their I.D. document. The candidate has set their account up under their nickname Dave Jones. This would not be acceptable, and the name would need to be changed on the system before an assessment takes place.

Example 3 – A candidate’s legal name is Richard Ingles which is shown on their I.D. document. The candidate identifies as Rose Ingles and has set their account up in that name. Rose has supplied a statutory declaration confirming her name change, this would be acceptable. Therefore, the name would not need to be changed on the system before an assessment takes place.

Where a candidate’s name has changed due to marriage, civil partnership, or divorce one of the following should be seen to support this:

  •  Marriage Certificate
  • Civil Partnership Certificate
  • Decree Absolute

Where a candidate name needs to be changed the candidate should contact the RLSS UK Customer Service Team to assist with this. A course organiser, trainer or assessor should not accept any other name unless the above is adhered to.

Name on a candidate’s certificate

The name on the candidate's certificate will match the name entered into the RLSS UK. If the above is adhered to this will mean it will be the candidate's legal name (or similar) or a name, they wish to be identified by. If a candidate wishes to have another name on their certificate, they must provide sufficient evidence in line with the above guidance.