Water Babies is the world’s largest baby swimming school; teaching 52,000 babies every week the lifesaving skill of learning how to swim and building water confidence across the globe.

Water Babies offer all children below the age of 5 the opportunity to learn a skill for life, with a programme taught by the best-trained baby swimming teachers in the world. They specialise in teaching babies under the age of 1, with their youngest water baby being just one day old!

Water Babies' mission is to create ‘a world where the physical and mental wellbeing of 1 million pre-school aged children are supported and nurtured from birth’, which they are well on their way to achieving. Teachers tailor activity around every individual child, believing that ‘water confidence builds life confidence’.

Steve Franks, Group CEO and Managing Director of Water Babies said:

“The positive feedback we get from our customers is testament to the hard work and dedication of our team that makes Water Babies the global success it is today.

“All our programmes are developed through science and taught with passion, with individual safety at heart and as such, makes our strategic partnership with RLSS UK, a natural progression for our organisation. Working collaboratively with RLSS UK ensures we maintain our position as the world’s leading baby swimming organisation, with a robust and proactive approach to everything we do.”

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