Jason Meredith, 30, and his partner Nikita Hawkins, 24, from Swansea were walking along Swansea Marina at around 10pm when they saw two men in the water.

Jason and Nikita noticed that the two men, one in their 30s and the second in their 40s, were struggling in the river Tawe which runs through the marina in Swansea. Jason and Nikita acted quickly, and despite not previously having any training in how to rescue someone from the water, were able to use the life rings on the marina edge to help rescue the two men.

The couple were successful in helping get the men out of the water and ensuring their safety. Nikita then rang the emergency services who attended the scene and took one of the men to hospital for further assessment.

Without the quick thinking of both Jason and Nikita, one or both of the men could have drowned that evening.

Jason and Nikita were awarded with the RLSS UK Certificate of Recognition and were presented with their certificates by Swansea Lady Mayoress and Douglas Thomas, RLSS UK Ambassador for Wales.

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