In January 2023, fifteen-year-old Noah Winders was at a basketball training session with a number of other young people when one young person stumbled and collapsed during a training drill.

The young person appeared to be having a seizure and soon became unresponsive. The senior coach on duty at the sports hall at St. Vincent’s School in Dublin put the young person in the recovery position and called for emergency services.

Noah noticed that the casualty’s condition appeared to change and he identified the young person was taking painful gasps. The ambulance dispatcher then instructed Noah to begin chest compressions, the young person stopped breathing, and Noah continued the chest compressions.

Shortly after paramedics arrived on scene and took over from Noah. Thankfully the young person was stabilised on-site by the ambulance crew before being transported to a hospital.

Thanks to the quick actions of Noah, who has completed his Rookie awards and is CPR trained as part of his life support training classes with St. John Berchmans Lifesaving Club, the young person made a full recovery after spending a few weeks in hospital and is now back playing basketball.

RLSS UK President Deborah Hunt awarded Noah with a Certificate of Commendation for his rescue efforts.

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