Trevor Mackown, who is an RLSS UK Community Instructor and holds a Life Support 3 award with the charity, recently used his life saving skills to assist a colleague who collapsed whilst at work. 

It started off as a normal early morning shift at Sainsbury’s Barnstaple, North Devon. Trevor works as a General Assistant in the online shopping team. Sometime before 6 am, after returning from the loading bays, Trevor’s colleague Joanne said she did not feel well and made her way to get some air. On her way out, Joanna collapsed. Luckily, Trevor was not too far away, and he did not hesitate to help. Trevor assessed Joanne and on realising she was not breathing, started chest compressions. 

Thanks to Trevor’s quick thinking and RLSS UK training, Trevor directed a colleague to collect the Automated External Defibrillator (AED) from the front of the store and to call 999 whilst he sustained the compressions. After several compressions Joanne gasped for breath, however, her breathing remained very shallow. Trevor continued to monitor her condition until the paramedics arrived.  

By the time the paramedics arrived on the scene, Joanne was conscious enough to be able to speak with them as they transported her to hospital.  After a few days in the hospital, Joanne recovered and was cleared to return to work.

Trevor was presented with the RLSS UK Certificate of Commendation for his lifesaving efforts. Trevor has been a member of RLSS UK for almost four years and commented that he felt “delighted to have been able to help and use my training. 

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