Team members Neil Moss, Michael Hall, Leanne Ayers and Linda Watmough were the heroes of the hour when a customer collapsed in their steam room from a heart attack. Grandfather Allan Finch owes his life to the quick-thinking of Mike Hall and Neil Moss who were first on the scene to assess the situation and deploy the AED, having been alerted to the emergency by lifeguard Leanne. Receptionist Linda immediately called the emergency services and when they arrived, Allan was already breathing independently. Allan went on to make a full recovery and continues to visit the centre.

Mike and Neil, both qualified lifeguards, were awarded RLSS UK’s Certificate of Meritorious Action for Lifeguards, with Leanne awarded a Certificate of Commendation and Linda awarded a Certificate of Recognition. RLSS UK Ambassador for the North West, Mike Wardle visited the team to present but it was a shame that Leanne and Mike were not able to be there on the day.

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