This policy sets out RLSS UK procedures and approach to submitting and considering appeals, to ensure that all outcomes are fair, consistent, and reliable, are based on the valid judgements of the assessor, and uses the assessment criteria for the qualification in question.

All learners have the right to enquire about, question or appeal against an assessment decision.

RLSS UK Approved Training Centres/Providers (ATC/Ps) must also operate an effective and appropriate appeals process for the benefit of learners.


This policy applies to all RLSS UK ATC/Ps who are delivering regulated or non-regulated qualifications.

Appeals may be made in relation to:-

• The results of assessments
• Decisions regarding Reasonable Adjustments and Special Considerations
• Decisions relating to any action to be taken against a learner or an ATC/P, after an investigation into malpractice or maladministration
• Where evidence suggests RLSS UK did not apply procedures consistently, or that procedures were not followed properly and fairly

Principles of making an Appeal

If a learner is unhappy about the assessment decision awarded to them, they must first go through the ATC/P’s appeals process prior to contacting us. As part of our agreement with ATC/Ps, they must all operate an appeal process for learners.
Learners who wish to appeal about their assessment results should either be supported by their trainer or should have exhausted the ATC/P’s own appeals process, before appealing to RLSS UK. In the latter case, learners must provide us with evidence that they have first appealed to the ATC/P.

How to Appeal

Appeals should be made in writing via email within 10 working days of the assessment, or within 7 working days of an unsatisfactory outcome from an appeal to an ATC/P.
The appeal must detail:
• Learner’s name and contact details
• Venue name and society number
• Trainer’s name and society number
• Assessor’s name and society number
• Names of others involved
• Details around the grounds for appeal
• Copies of any supporting evidence
If the appeal is excessively long or complex, we may ask you to provide a summary so that we are clear what the issues are.

Situations brought to our attention by other Awarding Organisations and Regulatory Authorities

Where the regulators notify us of failures that have been discovered in the assessment processes of another awarding organisation, we will conduct a risk assessment as to the likelihood of a similar failure occurring, and the potential effect on RLSS UK’s own assessment processes, then immediately make arrangements to minimise or remove risks where appropriate.

What will happen to my appeal?

All appeals will be logged as soon as they are received and assigned to a member of the Compliance Team, who will start the initial investigation.

Where possible, we will undertake an initial, informal assessment of all potential appeals, to ensure the application is complete and to ascertain if the issue can be resolved, before it goes to a formal appeal. We may do so over the telephone or via email. In all instances, we will ensure that the person carrying out this initial check does not have a personal interest in the decision being appealed. All actions will be confirmed via email.

Sometimes a more formal approach is required and in these cases your appeal must be put in writing directly to: [email protected]

If the appeal cannot be put in writing, a member of the Compliance Team will relay any verbal conversation via email to ensure the details around the appeal have been understood.

All appeals will be acknowledged within 3 working days, investigated, and a response provided within 10 working days. Please note that in some cases, the review processes may take longer, e.g., if an ATC/P visit is required. In such instances, we will contact all parties concerned to inform them of the likely revised timescale.

If the appeal is from a learner who has exhausted the ATC/P’s own appeals procedure, we will contact the ATC/P Co-ordinator for the outcome of the appeal.

We will endeavour to complete any appeals investigation within 10 working days of the receipt of the initial written appeal. To ensure a fair and thorough investigation, the duration may depend on the nature and severity of the appeal received, and the investigating team member will notify the appellant as soon as possible if the investigation will take longer than expected.

If your appeal is not upheld, we will explain why.

If you are not happy with the way your appeal has been handled or the outcome of our investigation, you can refer your grievance to the Compliance Manager. In such cases, this must be done within 7 working days of receipt of our decision.

Only the original appeal and your dissatisfaction with how it was handled will be reviewed.

Further consideration of your appeal will only be made if the review considers the complaint was not handled according to our procedures or failed to take into account critical evidence.

Any decisions made at this stage will be signed off by the Compliance Manager. This will be the final decision and the appeal will be closed.


To enable a full investigation to take place around the appeal, it will be necessary for the learner to provide their name and contact details. This information is needed to enable us to request any relevant documents or witness statements relating to your assessment.
There may be situations where we have a duty to disclose your identity, for example to:
• The police, fraud prevention agencies or other law enforcement agencies
• The courts
• Relevant authorities where there are safeguarding concerns
• RLSS UK as part of any investigations into issues around qualification delivery
• Other third parties, e.g. Regulators

Contact Details

Email: [email protected]
Telephone: 0300 323 0096
Address: RLSS UK, Red Hill House, 227 London Road, Worcester, WR5 2JG.

Last updated: February 2022