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This document provides information on the process Approved Training Centres/Providers (ATC/Ps) should take if they wish to withdraw from offering RLSS UK Qualifications, regulated qualifications. 

This document is reviewed annually in line with all RLSS UK Qualifications policy documentation in response to the customer, or regulatory feedback and any trends emerging from self-evaluation or other sources. 

ATC/P’s responsibilities 

We have a regulatory responsibility to protect the interests of our candidates, however, candidates are recruited and registered by the ATC/P. As such any financial aspects in relation to fees or other monies paid by the candidate to the ATC/Ps is the responsibility of the ATC/P, and not RLSS UK Qualifications. 

All ATC/Ps involved in the delivery, training, assessment and awarding of RLSS UK Qualifications, qualifications, should be made aware of the contents of this document to ensure that candidates are not disadvantaged because of the ATC/P’s withdrawal from offering qualifications. 

Withdrawal Procedure 

Should the ATC/P no longer wish to offer our qualifications, they should provide us with four weeks’ notice of intention providing details of: 

  • Rationale for withdrawal 
  • Details of any candidates that may be affected by the withdrawal of qualifications and/or ATC/P status 

Notice of withdrawal should be sent in writing to the Compliance Team at [email protected]

Any withdrawal of ATC/P status by us because of any significant non-compliance on the part of the ATC/P will be conducted in accordance with our malpractice/maladministration and associated policies. 

Where an ATC/P ceases to operate due to financial or other circumstances e.g., criminal or civil proceedings, they may not be able to provide the required four weeks’ notice. The ATC/P must inform us immediately and work with us to ensure no candidate is disadvantaged so far as is reasonably practicable and that any training and assessment activity is completed prior to withdrawal. 

Where an organisation wishes to remove a child site from their portfolio then a change of details form should be completed and sent to: [email protected]. The organisation must also supply details of any candidates that may be affected by the withdrawal of the child site. 

RLSS UK Qualifications Procedures 

Upon receipt of notice to withdraw, we will provide you with guidance and (where required) support in enabling you to take all reasonable steps to protect the interests of any candidates currently registered on our qualifications to: 

  1. Transfer candidates and evidence of the course they have attended and full details of the topics they have covered (where possible/feasible) to another ATC/P so they may complete their qualification.  

  2. Ensure candidates who do not wish to carry on with qualifications are provided with evidence of the course they have attended and full details of the topics they have covered (if requested).

  3. Update the ATC/P’s record on activation of withdrawal to reflect the ATC/P is no longer approved to offer the qualification(s) 

Contact Details

Contact Details

Last updated: November 2022