Following the launch of the 2020 – 2025 Strategic Framework in 2020, RLSS UK Trustees commissioned a member wide consultation, with the clear purpose to engage with stakeholders to propose community infrastructure that:

a) increases RLSS UK’s footprint in a community, growing our community
b) creates a sense of belonging for all RLSS UK member groups

This volunteer-led working group delivered a report to trustees, which included a number of recommendations, a mandate for change. You can view and download the full report and summary of the work. The recommendations included running a contained pilot to understand new ways of working and providing branches with clear guidance to repurpose against the new strategic framework.

Branch Guidance

Both the pilot and new guidance to branches outlines a renewed purpose for local community infrastructure:

The purpose of an RLSS UK Branch is:
a) To raise the profile of RLSS UK by responding to locally identified needs and opportunities

b) To raise the profile of clubs and members

c) To provide networking opportunities for ALL members, including clubs (both face to face and digital)

Branches are now required to plan a transition to the new purpose, making active steps to increase their capacity and capability to deliver an agreed branch plan. Guidance has been developed to support branches with this transition. This guidance should act as the operating manual for increasing branch-led activity.

Branch Guidance

The Branch Guidance supports branches to create a ‘Branch Development Plan’ that is submitted and reviewed on an annual basis. This includes setting clear and recorded deliverables.

We have created a template and supporting materials to aid in creating a vibrant and motivating plan.

Branch plans for the following year should be submitted to [email protected] by 1st September. As an example, a branches 2023 plan should be submitted by 01 September 2022.

In 2022, branches are required to return a plan for the remainder of the year by 1st April 2022.

Download your Branch Development Plan Template 

For inspiration and ideas download an example template 

Should you have any questions or require support please contact [email protected]