Welcome to My RLSS UK, an online area dedicated to providing our qualification holders, members, stakeholders, and supporters with easy access to the latest industry safety guidance, policies, resources, and opportunities. As well as providing specialist information, the area signposts you to relevant services and features within your RLSS UK Account (powered by tahdah). 

Every individual, organisation, club, branch, and group in our community is invaluable to us, and we endeavour to provide solutions and added value wherever possible in the hope that you will become a lifelong ambassador of the Royal Life Saving Society UK (RLSS UK). Together we can work towards the Charity's mission to be the leader in lifesaving and lifeguarding in the UK and Ireland. By sharing our combined expertise and knowledge, with as many people as possible, we can provide everyone with the potential to save lives and enjoy water safely. 

We hope you find the area useful, if you require further support please call 0300 323 0096 or email [email protected]. 

Meet the RLSS UK Team

We have a task force appointed with a variety of skills, and who are dedicated to supporting you and your branch

Role Descriptions and Role Handbooks

The RLSS UK Branch Constitution states that:

‘The Branch Management Committee must have the following three posts in place. Chair, Safeguarding Officer and Branch Administrator. The Branch Management Committee must have three individual officers present to be quorate'

In addition, it is at the branch's discretion to appoint members into roles that support the strategy of the branch.

Below are handbooks for each role, inclusive of Role Descriptions:

Governance, Policies and Guidance

This is a series of guidance and governing documents to support the day-to-day operation of the branch

Youth Development 

RLSS UK is committed to the enhancement, development and active participation of its youth members in working towards the society’s ambitions to prevent Drowning across the UK and Ireland. Over the past 5 years, the society has made huge inroads in adopting a youth culture throughout the volunteer network at all levels including clubs, branches, regions and nationally.


Requesting data for your branch

If you require data to carry out the branch's work, please email [email protected]

General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) came into force on 25th May 2018 and place added responsibility on organisations and individuals to take extra care when handling personal data.

What this means in simple terms is that we are now required to be much more stringent with protecting an individual's personal data and we need to work with branches to protect branches, the organisation and the individual's data.

We understand that this may feel limiting, we just need to carry out a few simple checks to manage risk and enable you to do your amazing work:

1) You need to have a legitimate purpose for use of the data and so don't be alarmed if we check on the purpose of the data request. This purpose will expire so data should be deleted immediately and not stored for another purpose.

2) We will password-protect data to ensure that if data is lost or intercepted then it can't be used. We will send you a separate communication with password details. Passwords should not be removed from data once received.

3) The data has been supplied to you from RLSS UK, this means you are responsible for the safekeeping of this data. As such it would be prudent for you not to share this data with any other individual, including members of your branch committee - you are responsible for the safe storage of the data.  Any mismanagement could result in serious fines for RLSS UK.

4) It is crucial data is up to date. This is why our system is so important so we can store the most up-to-date details as supplied by the individual. The data supplied to you is live.

5) Data should be requested each time you need it and the purpose for the use of that data clearly defined. Each time data is used it should be deleted.

6) Members have a right to select how we use their data. Therefore, the branch is subject to the same marketing preferences as RLSS UK. If your information relates to marketing, then the data will be constrained by anybody who has unsubscribed from receiving certain communications.

Data Protection is everyone’s responsibility and I would like to thank you for your assistance in ensuring we are meeting the requirements that the law demands.