Lifesaving Sport

The Royal Life Saving Society UK is the National Governing Body for pool-based Lifesaving Sport - a sport recognised by the International Olympic Committee and the Commonwealth Games Federation. Lifesaving Sport is the only sport whose skills are first learned for humanitarian purposes.

As showcased in our new promotional video, Lifesaving Sport is a competitive and dynamic international sport, with a variety of fun and challenging activities that take place in and out of the water at swimming pools and the beach. It is also an important vehicle to engage young people in lifesaving and support drowning prevention. 

Coach at Beacon Life Saving Club

Ben Stevens is a lifesaving coach at Beacon LSC who trains athletes from all ages in traditional lifesaving and Speeds events. At only 32 years old, Ben has been coaching for nearly half his life, with 15 years’ experience under his belt!

Having previously competed himself in swimming and lifesaving events; Ben’s journey to becoming a lifesaving coach began at his local pool where he started teaching swimming. “I saw a gap for athletes who wanted to stay in aquatics but didn’t enjoy sessions where you just swim up and down all the time. They wanted some variety and I knew that lifesaving could bring both.”

Ben’s training sessions now offer plenty of variety as he teaches both Speed skills and traditional lifesaving techniques. Typically his sessions follow a pattern of 10-15 minute sets, consisting of: warm up, specific skill practice, technique, and finish with a full event run-through. 

When asked what the best thing about being involved in Lifesaving Sport is, Ben said “Seeing your athletes develop from branch level to international level”. Athletes that Ben has trained have achieved multiple medals at both RLSS UK national championships as well as the last two commonwealth championships. Ben has described his pride in seeing his athletes qualify international competitions and has high hopes for this year where four members have been selected for Team England!

Ben’s top tips for competitors are:

  • Enjoy your training & find a great group of friends to train with
  • Expect your growth to come at different times to your peers
  • Remember it’s not always an easy road, but it’s always worth it!

“Anyone can get involved with lifesaving sport. It’s a great sport to be a part of an provides lots of different, varied events for all ages.”