Lifesaving Sport

The Royal Life Saving Society UK is the National Governing Body for pool-based Lifesaving Sport - a sport recognised by the International Olympic Committee and the Commonwealth Games Federation. Lifesaving Sport is the only sport whose skills are first learned for humanitarian purposes.

As showcased in our new promotional video, Lifesaving Sport is a competitive and dynamic international sport, with a variety of fun and challenging activities that take place in and out of the water at swimming pools and the beach. It is also an important vehicle to engage young people in lifesaving and support drowning prevention. 

RLSS UK’S RESULT AND RECORD SERVICE (including National records)


As the UK’s governing body for Lifesaving, RLSS UK collates and publishes lifesaving results and records.  Sharing results and records can help motivate competitors, and supports the identification of talent in Sport.


How to submit a National record application to RLSS UK


To apply for a National Record please complete an application form [Document to be supplied] and send with a copy of the results (or link to the results) to [email protected]

Applications for verification of National Records can only be submitted for results attained at an RLSS UK recognised event.

National record applications must be accompanied with a full copy of the results and a statement from the Chief Referee certifying that all regulations have been observed.

Upon receipt, the application will be checked before final verification, RLSS UK shall declare and publish verified RLSS UK records.

Times which are equal to 1/100 of a second will be recognised as equal records, and competitors achieving these equal times will be called “Joint Holders.”

RLSS UK reserves the right to submit athletes to doping control when a record is broken or tied.

RLSS UK verification and approval of National records

RLSS UK recognises National records achieved during pool events at a range of events – as per those events listed in the table below.


EVENTS RECOGNISED BY RLSS UK (for purpose of RLSS UK publishing British citizen National records)



ILS sanctioned events

ILS Competition Rule Book



Lifesaving World Championships

ILS Competition Rule Book


Lifesaving World Championships Competition Handbook


National events organised by national governing bodies in the UK (RLSS UK, SLSGB, SLSA Wales)


Governing bodies’ national manual

RLSS UK Recognised Events (under RLSS UK’s Event Recognition Scheme)


RLSS UK’s Event Recognition Scheme


RLSS UK automatically approves UK records achieved at the following events: World Lifesaving Championships, Commonwealth Festival of Lifesaving, RLSS UK National Speed Lifesaving Championships.

RLSS UK will accept applications for National records achieved at other events if they meet the following conditions:

  • The record holder is a British Citizen

The event has been approved under the RLSS UK Event Recognition scheme or is a National Governing Body Event running ILS events.

Terms and Conditions

  • RLSS UK may decline to approve or publish any results submitted to it at its absolute discretion.



Click here to download the National Record Application Form