Current World Ranking 9, Junior GBR World Ranking 7

What is Team GBR:

Team GBR Lifesaving are the group of athletes selected to compete at European and World Championship competitions.

Under ILS rules, a nation can only enter one team at the World Lifesaving Championships and European Lifesaving Championships. GBR Lifesaving is managed by a partnership between SLSGB and RLSS UK.

Team GBR athletes are selected through a transparent declaration process (see below) and attendance at a Selection Trial. The results from the trial, along with declared results from eligible events, are submitted by Team GBR Managers to the SLSGB and RLSS UK Performance Directors for scrutiny and a team of athletes is agreed.

All correspondence for athletes who are declaring their availability and eligibility for Team GBR should be submitted in writing through this form, and any questions submitted to [email protected] All questions will be answered to the best of our ability at the earliest opportunity.

GBR Team Management

The GBR Team Management

  • Sara Garner – GBR Lifesaving Manager
  • Rob Phillips – GBR Lead Coach
  • George Haynes – GBR Youth Ocean Coach
  • Dan Humble – GBR Youth Development Coach & Assistant Manager Worlds 2018
  • Gary Lee – GBR Pool Coach
  • Christina Stewart – GBR Lead, sports therapy & well-being

GBR Selection Criteria

The GBR Lifesaving Team is selected based on the best athletes available who are eligible for selection, and will be invited based on their potential to bring home a medal at the World Championships.

When selecting the team, potential is key – so an athlete with the best potential may take preference over athletes with similar scores at individual events. The events which will contribute to selection are:

  • SLSGB Surf League, Selection Trial & National Championship
  • RLSS UK National Speed Championships
  • SLSGB British Life Saving Pool Championships
  • SLS Wales National Stillwater Championships
  • ILS recognised Pool and Ocean Championships (athletes to supply results)

To be eligible for the GBR Lifesaving team, athletes must have a current full membership of either SLSGB or RLSS UK, and must declare their availability for selection. Athletes who compete exclusively in Ocean or Pool events will not automatically be excluded from the selection process for the GBR squad or the final team.

There is a compulsory team selection event where potential GBR Lifesaving Team to assess athlete ability and potential, where the final team will be selected. Final Team selection is determined by the Team Manager and Assistant Manager, and verified by the RLSS UK and SLSGB Performance Directors.

GBR Lifesaving Squad

GBR Lifesaving Squad - Results

Summary results for GBR Team at World Championship

Rescue 2004 Italy GB results.pdf

Rescue 2006 Australia GB results.pdf

Rescue 2008 Germany GB results.pdf

Rescue 2010 Egypt GB results.pdf

Rescue 2012 Australia GB results.pdf

Rescue 2014 France GB and NI Junior results.docx

Rescue 2014 France GB and NI results.docx

Rescue 2016 Netherlands GBR Junior results.pdf

Rescue 2016 Netherlands GBR results.pdf


Summary results for GBR Team at European Championship

European Senior 2011 Spain GB & NI Summary.pdf

European Senior 2013 Netherlands - GB Summary.pdf

European Senior 2015 Wales - GB Summary.pdf

European Senior 2017 Belgium GBR Results

Junior European 2012 Sweden - GB & NI Summary.pdf

Junior European 2013 Italy - GB & NI Summary.pdf

Junior Europeans 2015 Spain GBR Results

Junior Europeans 2017 Belgium GBR Results