The Simulated Emergency Response Competition (SERC) tests the initiative, judgement, knowledge and ability of 4 lifesavers who apply their lifesaving skills to an unknown simulated emergency situation whilst working as a team.

The competition tests each team’s rescue skills in and out of the water, as well as their emergency first aid and casualty care, all within a two-minute time limit.

A team consists of four members of either the same or mixed gender. Teams can enter either the Junior or Senior competition, and all team members must meet the age requirements on the day of the Championships. All team members must be members of the affiliated organisation and must be in individual membership of RLSS UK at the time of entry and on the day of competition.

SERC competitors are expected to respond as a group of four individual lifesavers acting in a coordinated team under the direction of an identified team leader.

Unlike lifeguards who often work as part of well-trained teams in controlled aquatic environments, lifesavers must be prepared to respond appropriately in unexpected emergencies without the benefit of specialised equipment, back-up, or established procedures and communications systems.  In such circumstances, the personal safety of the lifesaver is paramount.

RLSS UK holds two National Club SERC Championships; one pool based and the second in an open water environment. Both The are open to all RLSS UK affiliated organisations.

Example SERC’s can be found in the Instructor Resources at RLSS Direct.