Welcome to My RLSS UK, an online area dedicated to providing our qualification holders, members, stakeholders, and supporters with easy access to the latest industry safety guidance, policies, resources, and opportunities. As well as providing specialist information, the area signposts you to relevant services and features within your RLSS UK Account (powered by tahdah). 

Every individual, organisation, club, branch, and group in our community is invaluable to us, and we endeavour to provide solutions and added value wherever possible in the hope that you will become a lifelong ambassador of the Royal Life Saving Society UK (RLSS UK). Together we can work towards the Charity's mission to be the leader in lifesaving and lifeguarding in the UK and Ireland. By sharing our combined expertise and knowledge, with as many people as possible, we can provide everyone with the potential to save lives and enjoy water safely. 

We hope you find the area useful, if you require further support please call 0300 323 0096 or email [email protected]. 



RLSS UK, RLSS UK Shop, RLSS UK Consultancy, and RLSS UK Qualifications (All hereafter known as RLSS UK unless a specific process applies) are committed to providing a high-quality, effective, efficient, and responsive service to all. And where possible exceed customers’ expectations.  

As an awarding organisation RLSS UK seeks to be consultative and collaborative working with others to achieve the highest standards in all areas. 

RLSS UK have a zero-tolerance approach to any form of unacceptable behaviour by any means of communication. 

Service Standards 

Our telephone and email addresses are monitored from 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday (excluding Bank Holidays). Outside of these hours, there are many helpful pages on our website.

RLSS UK aims to deliver high standards. We do this by providing all those involved with the delivery and assessment of our qualifications and awards the best possible service to enable you to cater for the needs of all learners. We will do this by ensuring our service is: 

  • Prompt - We will aim to respond to any form of communication within the timescales listed below:
    • Acknowledge written correspondence within three working days 
    • The aim is to answer all telephone calls within 30 seconds  
    • Certification is automatic from when the approved training centre (ATC) or approved training provider (ATP) accurately submits the results via our online platform. This should be within five working days of the assessment taking place. There may be an exception to this rule in the event the ATC/P does not hold direct claim status or have not submitted the results accurately. In these instances, candidates must contact the ATC/P first before coming to us. 
    • Candidate assessment report forms have not been in use since January 1st, 2022, and are not permitted for use unless written consent is provided by the compliance team. Where consent has been given, accurately completed candidate assessment report forms for regulated qualifications will be processed within 15 working days and non-regulated qualifications within 28 working days of receipt. these timescales may be revised from time to time and will be fully communicated to all. 

  • Responsive – Our friendly, trained staff provide a courteous, prompt response to any enquiry you make to meet your needs and the needs of your candidates

  • Supportive – we will provide  
    • Ongoing training and information sessions for all 
    • Up-to-date guidelines on all aspects of our service 
    • Online access to appropriate documentation, news, and information 
    • A dedicated team to provide ongoing support 

  • Professional – We will work to high professional standards, and we are committed to continuous improvement 
    • Keep promises and commitments made to customers   
    • Take ownership of every customer enquiry until fully resolved   
    • Provide a courteous and accurate response to all enquiries, including those requiring specific expertise.  

RLSS UK positively encourages feedback from our customers to help us to improve our services. If you wish to provide any feedback, concerns or make a compliant please click here

Contact Details

Contact Details

Last updated: November 2022