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Introduction and Scope

This policy sets out RLSS UK Qualifications’ commitment to promoting Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) throughout the entire lifecycle of designing, delivering, and awarding qualifications within our organisation.

This policy should be read and understood in conjunction with other RLSS UK Qualifications Policy and guidance in relation to current Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion legislation which includes but not limited to:

  • RLSS UK Qualifications Reasonable Adjustment and Special Consideration Policy
  • RLSS UK Qualifications Complaints, Concerns and feedback Policy

RLSS UK Qualifications recognise it is everyone’s responsibility to ensure we are creating qualifications and awards that are inclusive and actively break down barriers where necessary. 

This policy reinforces our duty under the Equality Act 2010 and our commitment to providing equality and diversity to all and not provide less favourable facilities or tolerate less favourable treatment on the grounds of ‘(protected characteristics)’:

·        age,

·        disability,

·        gender or gender reassignment,

·        marriage and civil partnership,

·        pregnancy and maternity,

·        race,

·        religion or belief

·        sex and sexual orientation. 

RLSS UK Qualifications embraces a commitment to equality, ensuring that all individuals have equal opportunities regardless of their background, characteristics, or circumstances.

RLSS UK Qualifications will foster an inclusive and diverse environment that values and respects the unique contributions of every individual involved in the qualification process.

Design of Qualifications 

RLSS UK Qualifications incorporate EDI principles into the design of qualifications to ensure fair representation and accessibility for all candidates.

We regularly review and update qualification design processes to address potential biases and promote inclusivity.

We will ensure, when reasonably practicable that all materials, resources, and assessments are designed and delivered in formats accessible to individuals with diverse abilities.

We will also collaborate with relevant stakeholders to address any barriers to accessibility.

Delivery of Qualifications  

The delivery of our, qualifications and awards is completed through the Approved Training Centre/Provider (ATC/P) Scheme. All ATC/Ps have obligations placed upon them to ensure they accommodate diverse learning styles and those that may need additional support throughout the course delivery process.

Awarding of Qualifications  

RLSS UK Qualifications aims to establish transparent and unbiased assessment criteria for awarding qualifications, avoiding discrimination based on protected characteristics.

Although we aim to remove barriers, RLSS UK Qualifications are aware that not all situations are foreseeable and some of the technical elements of our qualifications and awards may pose a barrier to an individual with diverse needs. To support an individual’s needs, reasonable adjustments may be applied during the assessment process in line with the RLSS UK Qualifications Reasonable Adjustment and Special Consideration Policy.

We will monitor and address any disparities in qualification awards to ensure fairness and equality.

The assessment of RLSS UK Qualifications, qualifications and awards is again completed through the Approved Training Centre/Provider (ATC/P) Scheme. All ATC/Ps have obligations placed upon them to support candidates through the reasonable adjustment application process. 

Data Collection and Monitoring 

RLSS UK Qualifications will collect and analyse demographic data related to candidates, instructors, and assessors involved in the qualification process.

RLSS UK Qualifications will also data insights to identify areas for improvement to ensure EDI objectives are met and barriers are being removed where they can.

 We will engage with candidates, Trainers, assessors, and other stakeholders to gather feedback on the effectiveness of EDI measures. 

Training and Awareness 

RLSS UK Qualifications will provide training programs for all staff involved in the design, delivery, and awarding of qualifications to raise awareness of EDI principles and foster a culture of respect and inclusion through ongoing education and dialogue.

Process for reporting discrimination to RLSS UK Qualification

All actual or suspected cases of discrimination should be reported to RLSS UK Qualifications in line with the RLSS UK Complaints, Concerns and Feedback Policy.

Any actual or suspected cases of discrimination that have either been reported to us directly or identified by us will be examined promptly. We will ensure confidentiality and non-retaliation for individuals reporting EDI concerns.

Review Arrangements 

This EDI policy is designed to create an inclusive, diverse, and equitable environment throughout the processes of designing, delivering, and awarding qualifications within our organisation. It is a living document that will be updated to reflect ongoing commitment and advancements in EDI principles.

Contact Details

Contact Details

Last updated: February 2024