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The purpose of External Quality Assurance (EQA) is to ensure adherence to the ATC/P scheme within the ATC/P’s processes.

ATC/P’s will have a regular External Quality Assurance audit. These will be conducted by a Principal Standards Manager or other approved competent person.

The regularity of the audit with ATC/P’s will be dependent upon their risk rating. Those ATC/Ps with lower levels of compliance (High risk) may receive more frequent audits.

There are a few types of audits an ATC/P may have as detailed below:

Audit Type


Onboarding for new ATC/Ps (face to face/remote)

The Onboarding audit is a check designed to ensure that new ATC/Ps have everything in place and are carrying out the delivery and assessment of RLSS UK Qualifications, qualifications, in line with guidance.


External Quality Assurance Visit


The External Quality Assurance visit will be an in-depth check of the ATC/P’s policies, procedures, equipment, and courses/assessments that have taken place. The audit will also look at the ATC/Ps Internal Quality Assurance process and how the standardisation of it’s TA’s are completed and evidenced. The visit will be arranged in advance with the ATC/P Co-ordinator.

Remote or Desk Based Audit (DBA)

A remote or desk based audit is a snapshot of the policies, procedures, Internal Quality Assurance checks and courses/assessments which have taken place at an ATC/P.  A request will be sent to the ATC/P Co-ordinator asking them, to produce evidence for this check to take place.  There will be a deadline given to submit this evidence.

Spot checks/visits


Spot checks/visits are used, where there are  concerns raised with an ATC/P.  They are designed as a check to see course/assessment “in the moment” to ensure they are being completed in line with guidance. Policies and procedures may also be checked as part of this process.


Following an audit, the ATC/P co-ordinator will receive a detailed report.  The report will contain the findings after viewing the relevant documentation.  It will also contain; areas of good practice, areas of improvement, and any actions the ATC/P needs to complete to meet its obligations. The report will also detail the ATC/P’s overall compliance rating. If the overall compliance rating is low, there may be sanctions imposed on the ATC/P. They may also be subject to more frequent checks.

Support will always be given to an ATC/P by one of our dedicated team to help them raise their compliance level and lift any sanctions in place.

For more information on the different types of audits an ATC/P may have and the External Quality Assurance process please take a look at the Approved training Centre and Provider Guidance manual located in the resource and document area of an ATC/P Co-ordinator’s RLSS UK Account.