Published: 9 February 2021

RLSS UK CEO Robert Gofton and President Mark Smith, have awarded British diplomat Stephen Ellison our ‘Certificate of Recognition’, after his heroic efforts saved a woman from drowning.

Currently serving as consul-general in Chongqing in China, Mr. Ellison hit headline news in November last year, after footage of him bringing the unconscious woman to the riverbank, went viral.

Out walking that morning, Mr. Ellison noticed the woman struggling in a fast-moving current, after falling into deep water. A seasoned open water swimmer through his participation in triathlons, Mr. Ellison wasted no time in getting into the water and bringing her to safety.

“RLSS UK’s ‘Certificate of Recognition’ celebrates members of the public who successfully rescue someone from the water,” explains RLSS UK CEO, Robert Gofton.

“Mr. Ellison’s selfless actions saved that lady’s life, and it is a testament to his courage and water safety knowledge that they both survived the ordeal.

“I was delighted to be joined by RLSS UK President Mark Smith, to award Mr. Ellison the certificate via a video call, and I look forward to the chance to meet him face-to-face, one day in the future.”

“It’s often the case with a situation like this, that everyone was taken by surprise by the sudden turn of events,” said Mr. Ellison.

“As someone who takes part in triathlons, I felt confident that I could safely reach the lady in the water and help.

“I was just over-the-moon that she recovered consciousness and required no further treatment.

“It’s a wonderful surprise and an honour to be recognised by the Royal Life Saving Society UK.”

To watch the presentation click here.

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