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The ‘Keep ‘em peeled for Perry’ project encourages members of the public to be on the lookout for lifesaving equipment when they’re out and about. 

Fencing, life rings, throw lines, signage – these are just some of the public rescue equipment (PRE) and safety features regularly seen next to bodies of water and waterways right across the UK.

The Royal Life Saving Society UK (RLSS UK) would like people to notify landowners and local authorities about the PRE they’ve spotted that is not fit for purpose:

  • Where were you (canal, river, lake, quarry, seaside)?
  • What PRE did you see?
  • Is it not fit for purpose (not intact, vandalised)?
  • Is there something missing that you think could save a life (life ring, throw line, better signage)? 

We are always growing our water safety consultancy services, and having conversations with like-minded and partner organisations to get a more comprehensive view of PRE nationwide, but we’d also like to get the general public involved too.

Lee Heard, Charity Director, explains: 

“More people die from accidental drowning in the UK than they do from road cycling accidents and house fires* – ensuring the public has ready access to functioning lifesaving equipment, should be a real priority in the UK, where so much of our great outdoors includes being near bodies of water.

“In the first instance, we want to build a clearer picture of what equipment is available for the public to use, where it can be found and what state it’s in. This is what ‘keep ‘em peeled’ means.

“Over time, this will help steer our conversations about PRE and water safety with our partners and through future collaborations.

“No one wants to lose a loved one to the water and as temperatures start to rise, PRE has a vital role to play in community rescue, ensuring the numbers of people losing their lives in the water, doesn’t do the same.”

As the overall picture of what is being done well and what could be done better starts to form, RLSS UK aims to engage with local authorities, landowners, construction companies, and service providers, to recommend and advise on water safety measures.

Can you ‘keep ‘em peeled for Perry’?

Next time you’re near, in, or on water, take look around and see what PRE or water safety measures you can see, then report any damaged or vandalised equipment to the landowner (public or private) giving:

  • The location name
  • A description of PRE and any obvious damage or missing elements
  • A photo if possible

Who is Perry?

Our mascot Perry Buoy uses the iconic image of a perry buoy life ring, as featured in our logo.