Reach and Rescue develop innovative, long-reach, telescopic water rescue poles enabling emergency services and members of the public to conduct swift and directionally-accurate rescues by retrieving casualties in water from safe distances thereby minimising the danger posed to themselves whilst also boosting casualty survival chances. 

Not content with saving lives in 47 countries, our continuous strive for innovation has led to the development of the World’s first public-access water rescue system – the Portsafe.  Portsafes are currently installed in over 50 high-risk public water areas across the UK with the emergent system successfully saving public life already.   

“Reach and Rescue are ecstatic at becoming Water Safety Partners with RLSS UK.  We’re delighted our vision of a future where death by accidental drowning being completely preventable is shared with the UK’s leading provider of drowning prevention education.  Our innovative water rescue equipment is already enabling members of the public to save lives across the UK but together with RLSS UK we’ll strive to make this shared vision a fully-fledged reality.” Stuart Glover, Reach and Rescue Ltd