Samurai Active Entertainment Products are the leading supplier of grip socks and branded products to the active entertainment industry. With businesses in the UK, Netherlands and the US, they design, manufacture and deliver a custom branded product service to hundreds of venues globally. 

Packed with a range of performance features, specially designed for the water leisure industry, Samurai Aqua Park Socks help reduce customer health and safety risks, improve user experience, protect equipment from shoes, and offer an important marketing tool and boost to revenue. Aqua and water parks venues across the globe are already experiencing the vast benefits of their own custom aqua socks, supplied exclusively by Samurai. 

Having undergone extensive market research, on-site testing and an independent RLSS UK review, Samurai Aqua Park Socks are the only aqua sock to be a ‘Recommended Product’ by the RLSS UK, highlighting the importance of our aqua socks to the industry. We are proud to be a RLSS UK Water Safety Partner.

“We are incredibly proud that our Aqua Park Socks are the first product of its kind to be a recommended product for aqua parks by the RLSS UK, which highlights their importance to the industry, as well as the other commercial benefits they offer. As a RLSS UK Water Safety Partner, we are proud to share their commitment to safety and look forward to the added value we can offer.” Anthony Bull, Director and Co-Owner of Samurai.