Red Paddle are producers of the world’s number one inflatable paddleboard and are always at the forefront of promoting safe water activities. One of their subsidiaries, Red Rescue are yet another addition to RLSS UK’s portfolio of Water Safety Partners.

Red Rescue was established in 2017 when the RNLI International Team came to Red Paddle Co with a problem. Their aim was to reduce the catastrophic Global Drowning figures, by increasing accessibility to lifeguard training & equipment in LEDC’s like Bangladesh and Tanzania. They needed a solution that could easily be taken with them, stand the test of time and offer performance without compromise.

So they set about creating a prone board, which not only matched a hard board’s performance – but bettered it. Utilising the Red teams decade of know-how and using industry-leading inflatable technology plus support from RNLI Lifeguards. After two years they created the 10’4″ Inflatable Prone Board.

Jo Thompson, Events and Accreditation Manager at the RLSS UK said about Red Rescue’s products: “As the board performs so well on flat water, it could be a great fit for our inland sites. I was sceptical about an inflatable rescue board’s ability to handle even small surf conditions at the beach. However, when I took the board onto the sea I was nicely surprised about the difference that the rocker stiffening system had to the stability and handling of the board. Red Paddle have a great reputation for developing quality products and Red Rescue can now be included in this too.“

Kate Doison, RNLI Supervisor in the South Hams who has 12 years’ experience in the role also enthused about the Red Rescue stating: “It is light-weight and is therefore much easier to run down the beach and lift on and off of trucks and high storage racks. Because of this, it is also safer for the public – in case of losing it in surf. As storage costs can be high for a small business, the ability to roll these boards up for the winter, or sling into the back of the van to get to the beach/event also makes life a lot easier.”