With the aim to save lives, Port-Safety has developed the LifeLadder® - an innovative safety ladder improving safety in ports, cities and marinas worldwide.

Its bright yellow colour and solar-powered LightUnit makes LifeLadder® visible day and night.

The modular construction is easy to repair, made from reinforced rust-proof plastic and the carbon footprint of the product is less than 50% of ordinary painted steel ladders’ (cradle-to-gate).

“We are thrilled to have become a RLSS UK Water Safety Partner. With our common mission to reduce drowning accidents and ultimately save lives, the partnership provides a great opportunity to share experiences and collaborate on a focused effort to make waterfronts safer.” Stefan Urup Kaplan, Founder and Director of Port-Safety

Website: port-safety.com

Twitter: @port_safety

LinkedIn: @port-safety