As the UK’s leading provider of water safety and drowning prevention education, RLSS UK has produced an award that sets out a national standard for water safety. Everyone should have fun and be able to enjoy the water – take the opportunity to learn some essential water safety skills for life to help keep yourself and others safe.

About the Water Smart Award

RLSS UK created the Water Smart Award to establish an essential skill based programme, that as experts we consider everyone in the UK & Ireland should achieve to ensure safety and competence around water, which ultimately supports our ambition to prevent drownings.

It has been designed as a standalone award from our other water safety programmes and provides a gateway for participants go on to complete further awards to develop skills and knowledge to keep themselves and others safe whilst enjoying the water.

The award’s focus is on five main areas, these include:

  1. Water Safety Awareness
  2. Getting In and Out of the Water Safely
  3. Safely Staying Afloat
  4. Safely Moving in the Water
  5. Performing Rescues Safely (Optional)

School Swimming Curriculum

The Water Smart Award has been developed in line with the Curriculum Swimming outcomes and supports the development of these skills in the UK and Ireland.

Want to qualify as a Water Smart Instructor?

Already a member of RLSS UK?

If you’re a member of RLSS UK and already hold one our water-based Instructor qualifications you’ll be able to update to deliver this award for free.

Check your opportunity area on RLSS Direct here

Please note: You will need to be in current RLSS UK Membership and hold a valid Trainer or Instructor Qualification. Anyone that has probationary status will not be eligible for this opportunity until they are fully signed off.

New to RLSS UK?

If you hold a valid Instructor or Teaching qualification with another organisation from the list below, and would like to take your skills to the next level to become a Water Smart Instructor, you can do this by clicking below.

Go through our online application process on RLSS Direct here

  • Swim Teacher Level 1
  • Swim Teacher Level 2
  • Swift Water Rescue Technician (DEFRA Level 3)
  • Youth Group Leader (Scout, Guide, Cub Cadet)
  • School Teacher (Fully Qualified
  • AET Qualification
  • RLSS UK Rookie Instructor
  • Instructor Other Organisation(SLS GB/ SLS Wales/ STA/ Irish Water Safety)

Please note: You will need to be in current RLSS UK Membership in order to deliver the Watersmart Award, the payment you will be asked to make during the application process will include payment for an annual Lifesaving Academy membership.