Life Support covers the basics of how to perform CPR, including the diagnosis and treatment for Choking, Bleeding and Shock on an Adult Casualty.

This award is designed members of the community and there is no minimum age limit. Life Support can be taken as a separate standalone award or as part of the Survive & Save Award Programme.

Who can deliver the Life Support Award?
Lifesaving Instructors (and Tutors)
Trainer Assessors (and higher)

How long does the award take to deliver?
2 hours 25 minutes session (excluding assessment)

What is the teaching ratio?
1 Instructor to 12 candidates

What is the assessing Ratio?
1 Instructor to 4 candidates (maximum)

What’s covered in the award syllabus?

  • Awareness of own safety
  • Turning a casualty onto their back
  • Checking responsiveness
  • Sequence and application of CPR
  • Managing regurgitation
  • Recovery position
  • Diagnosis and treatment of choking

Optional first aid:

  • Diagnosis and treatment of bleeding
  • Diagnosis and treatment of shock

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