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Life Support 3 covers the basics of how to perform CPR, including the diagnosis and treatment for Choking, Bleeding and Shock on an Infant, Child & Adult Casualty.

This award is designed for instructors and those training regularly, there is no minimum age limit. Life Support 3 can be taken as a separate standalone award or as part of the Survive & Save Award Programme.

Who can deliver the Life Support Award?
Lifesaving Instructors (and Tutors)
Trainer Assessors (and higher)

How long does the award take to deliver?
3 hours 10 minutes session (excluding assessment)

What is the teaching ratio?
1 Instructor to 12 candidates

What is the assessing Ratio?
1 Instructor to 4 candidates (maximum)

What can Life Support 3 be used for?
Life Support 3 can be used by Instructors and qualified TA’s to keep their qualifications valid.
Note. Life Support 3 can be used as an equivalent for TA’s rather than completing the NPLQ/ NVBLQ/ OWL qualifications

What’s covered in the award syllabus?

  • Awareness of own safety
  • Turning a casualty onto their back
  • Checking responsiveness
  • Sequence and application of CPR for infant, child, adult, and drowned casualties
  • Managing regurgitation
  • Recovery position
  • Use of a pocket mask
  • Diagnosis and treatment of choking

Optional first aid:

  • Diagnosis and treatment of bleeding
  • Diagnosis and treatment of shock

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