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An ATC/P’s Resource and Document area is the go-to place for all the relevant RLSS UK Qualifications guidance documents and templates.

Guidance documents are designed to give clear rules and instructions to the ATC/P to ensure that qualifications are being delivered and assessed correctly and candidates are not disadvantaged.

There are many different guidance documents and templates located within this area. We have given a outline of what you may find in this area below:

Document  Outline 
Approved Training Centre and Provider Guidance Manual

Located in the ATC/ ATP guidance folder this is a resource to assist Centre/ Provider Co-ordinators, Internal Quality Assurance Assessors and Course Administrators to understand the requirements of the RLSS UK Qualifications Approved Training Centre/ Provider scheme.

ATC/ ATP Policy Templates

Templates that can be utilised by the ATC/P for the 5 main policies they should have in place. These include:

Internal Quality Assurance Guidance

Located in the Internal Quality Assurance folder, this document is designed to support Internal Quality Assurance (IQA) Assessors in completing IQA checks. The document sets out clear criteria that makes an area compliant on the RLSS UK IQA Report form.

Internal Quality Assurance Report Form Located in the Internal Quality Assurance folder, this form has been created for the ATC/P to use when completing IQA checks. It is to be completed in conjunction with the Internal Quality Assurance Guidance.
Remote Internal Quality Assurance Guidance Located in the Internal Quality Assurance folder, the Remote IQA guidance document has been designed to assist Internal Quality Assurance Assessors in completing a remote IQA check. The document gives guidance on many areas that the Internal Quality Assurance Assessor should take into consideration whilst carrying out these checks.
Trainer Assessor Risk Rating Template Located in the Internal Quality Assurance folder, this template has been designed to help an ATC/P risk rate the trainers and assessors they use for IQA purposes.
Ongoing Training and Competency Assessment

This area contains everything an ATC/P needs for their trainer to deliver ongoing training to their lifeguard team.

The industry-recognised programme includes wall charts, lesson plans, attendance registers, individual training records and much more.
Regulated Qualification Administration

This area has many templates an ATC/P can use for courses/ assessment. It includes:

  • Enrolment forms
  • Evaluation forms
  • Document checks lists
  • Assessor tracker
Template assessment confirmation letter to the assessor
Regulated Qualifications Guidance This area contains each regulated qualifications Guidance and Syllabus. These documents contain the specific rules around course delivery and assessment for each qualification.

To access the resource area please follow these steps:

  1.  Log into your RLSS UK Account.
  2. From the home screen click ok Resources and Documents:

  3. Click on ATC and ATP administration:

Access to the folder is restricted to ATC/P Co-ordinators and those with admin or Internal Verifier roles against an ATC/P. If you wish to gain access to this area, please contact your ATC/P Co-ordinator. If you are an ATC/P Co-ordinator and do not have access, please contact the team: [email protected]